New M14E2 Stocks
Shooters Den has new, unissued, M14E2 stocks for sale. These are birch wood and include the front liner and hand grip swivel. No hand grips or butt plate assemblies are available at this time. All but one of these beautiful stocks are made by Sykes Manufacturing. The one shown out of the box is unissued Canadian Arsenals Limited production. They are ready to drop in your M1A or any M14 clone (even a real full auto government M14). Get one now for $299 plus S&H $20.

Here is the SOCOM you've been waiting for!
This rifle is custom built on a LRB Arms Forged receiver, Criterion SOCOM barrel, and McMillan folding stock... sorry this cannot be sold in California and some other states that don't treat their citizens as adults. In addition to the premium GI parts used it is glass bedded for enhanced accuracy, the gas cylinder is unitized and trigger adjusted for maximum control. It's a great buy for $3700 plus S&H. A 20 round magazine is included and the rifle is ready for your optics.

Shooters den is fortunate to have a small number of hammer forged receivers in stock. These were made by Gunworks of L.A. As many know, GWLA is no longer in business. They have a reputation for producing some of the finest M14 receivers made and only manufactured about 158 (production went to 163, but the last few have not been finished or heat treated). They are priced at $995. We believe the GWLA M14 receivers will be one of the most popular with collector and shooters alike.

GWLA Forged Receivers
These two M1 Garand rifles are assembled with high numbered CMP receivers, NOS SA 1952 barrels, and mostly NOS late issue SA parts. You can't get much better than this (not even from the CMP). They are complete without wood and their assembly was done using US GI tools and gages to insure they meet all critical specifications. The price is $1195 ea. plus S&H. Don't miss out on these supper nice Garands.
FLASH! We just installed brand new Minelli walnut stocks on these great rifles. Now you can own a M1 that is about as close as you can get to a brand new Garand without paying $3500 or more. Available now for only $1495. Ted says you are really going to love these rifles!

Minelli stocks are the best!