This is a new page on the Shooters Den Webb Site. From time to time we are given consignments of firearms and parts that we feel offer exceptional values to our many customers. We try to keep prices for these items within the current market values and usually a little under. We appreciate a good deal as much as anyone.
Please check it out. Some of the items listed will not be found anywhere else.

We recently received a consignment of firearms including several new Kimber target model 1911 pistols, .22 target rifles, and M1 Garands. The Garands are older CMP rifles in exceptional condition, much nicer than most the CMP is offering now. Please call for availablity. These are very reasonably priced.

How about chrome lined standard barrels by Bula Forge? We have them in stock. These are 22 inch full length barrels and brand new. Give us a call for prices.

Yes they do include the bolt roller not shown here. We have a bunch of new Bula bolts. These are some of the best we've seen and a perfect fit in the receivers we've tried them in. Please call for prices.