Shooters Den Services


Shooters Den offers complete AMU National Match specification services for M14, M1 Garand, AR15, and M1 Carbine. Custom builds, standard and match grade, are available to complete customer supplied parts kits and we can usually provide the missing pieces if necessary. We stock LRB Arms forged steel receivers, genuine USGI and custom parts, as well as most accessories.
 Most rifle builds can be delivered in about 60 to 90 days. However, glass bedding jobs may take 4 months or longer due to out backlog of work. Minor repairs and adjustments may run less than 30 days depending on customer requirements, but complete custom builds may be delayed until parts can be obtained. Customers who are able to supply most or all of the parts required will help speed up the process. 
Quality original GI parts are still difficult to obtain although we have been fortunate to have a fair supply on hand. Please call to find out if we have what you need. We do supply parts for builds and modifications whenever our customers cannot. Some commercial parts may be used, but they must meet our ridgid specifications.
We still highly recommend LRB Receivers and bolts.  We recommend receivers from LRB Arms, and Fulton Armory. Receivers from all manufacturers have been in short supply with some companies quoting a year for deliveries.

Companies like Kriger Barrels and McMillan Fiberglas Stocks have cut back on the production of parts for the M14 rifle. This is largly due to the popularity of the AR15 for service rifle competition and the ever rising cost of original military gun parts. In spite of that we try to keep a good inventory of GI parts.


These are some of the specialized tools and gauges used at Shooters Den. Many of the gauges we use are original US military issue. Even the rare, hard to find, gauges are used daily during our inspection process. You can be assured that every part of your US military rifle or carbine is up to the proper specifications.

US Army MTU Gas Cylinder

All work is done to strict US Army MTU specifications using the latest competition proven techniques.

This unitized gas cylinder for the M14NM rifle is an example of our strict adherence to MTU procedures. The stainless steel screws are both epoxied and staked in place to insure they will not shoot loose.

A word about what we don't do at Shooters Den:

We do not work on Chinese M14 rifles, Norinco or Polytech. We do not work on 7.62MM Firearms, Entreprise Arms , Federal Ordnance, or older Armscorp M14 receivers. We get many requests for work on these rifles, but we found most of them are so far out of spec that they present too many problems. We do offer inspection services on the rifles listed and some work may be offered on an individual basis, if not related to out of spec receivers.

We no longer do parkerizing due to environmental concerns. However, we do some refinishing on small parts if required.

We build Space Guns too!